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Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Frozen in Hot Boca Raton, FL?

Hot – And Frozen? It’s Not As Uncommon As You’d Think…

It may sound odd, because nothing really freezes in Boca Raton, FL – but your air conditioning unit may be the one thing that can actually freeze, even on a really hot day!  But why would this happen when the air temperature is in the 80s or 90s? Let’s explore some reasons why your Boca Raton area air conditioner may be freezing up.

Ultimately maintenance and regular inspections can keep your air conditioning unit from freezing in our warm Boca Raton, Florida weather.  If your A/C unit does freeze up, the following maladies may be the culprit:

  • air boca frozen ac system boca ratonRestricted Airflow
    If the airflow to the coils in your air conditioning unit is restricted, warm air cannot reach the cooling coils efficiently, and therefore it won’t be distributed via the blower system. This can cause condensation to collect on the coils and it will freeze up – making the system blow warm are, or shut down entirely.  Making sure your unit is free from encumbrances, that your filters are clean and changed on schedule and that dust and debris are removed on a regular basis can eliminate freezing due to restricted airflow.

  • Dirty Evaporator Coils
    If your evaporator coils inside the air conditioning unit are dirty, coated with debris (like flood debris, paint, construction dirt, etc.) they may freeze because the condensation cannot drain properly and the airflow is not flowing over the coils properly in order to move cool air into your ductwork.

  • Faulty Fan
    If the fan unit in your air conditioning is not working properly, could also cause restricted airflow around your evaporator coils, and therefore they could freeze due to a building of condensation.
  • Broken Thermostat
    If your thermostat is malfunctioning it could cause the unit to cycle on and off without a chance to blow sufficient air across the coils to clear condensation. This could also happen if the thermostat you’re using isn’t installed properly or isn’t the right unit for your particular air conditioning system.  We offer Boca Raton area thermostat installation and repair, although to be honest, repair is rare – most non-functional thermostat units should be replaced.

  • Condensation Drainage Issues
    Condensation is created in an air conditioning system when warm air meets the cold evaporator coils inside the unit.  It’s normal for there to be condensation as a byproduct of running your air conditioner.  Sufficient drainage is critical to ensure your unit continues to operate efficiently.  If condensation builds up, the coils can freeze – which can cause your unit to cease blowing cold air.  As ice forms in the coils – it could further exacerbate the problem by blocking the drain holes.  Sufficient drainage is extremely important to your air conditioning unit.

  • Low/Empty Refrigerant
    If the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is low or empty there may not be enough cooling present to remove the heat from the air – this can cause the coils to freeze due to condensation and overall unit breakdown is imminent. Regular maintenance and seasonal checks are imperative to maintaining sufficient refrigerant levels and ensuring your unit isn’t leaking.

In all of the cases above, a regular maintenance and inspection plan from Air Boca may save you the frustration of broken air conditioning on hot and humid days during our long Boca Raton, Florida summers. We are so lucky to live with all of this sunshine, but it can be hard on the appliances we rely on to ensure we’re comfortable in our homes.  A new air conditioning system is a major investment for your home, you want to maintain it just as you’d want to maintain your automobile with regular oil changes, right? 

Keep on top of that important air conditioning maintenance with a scheduled service plan from Air Boca. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

What our happy clients say on Google

Lucky us. We came home from a 2 week vacation to find our system leaking and the house temp 85. The internal unit, i.e.coils etc-were frozen solid.

The next am we tried 2 other companies who said they couldn’t make a service call for 2-3 days.I kid you not.

A friend then told us about Carlos and AirBoca. She has used him for 8 years. He was down in 2 hours and diagnosed the problem in 10 minutes. Our coils were shot, leaking, rusted etc. We made plans to get a new one installed in several days. he tried to get us coverage under the warranty but unfortunately, the previous owners never registered the coils.

In the meanwhile he got the system up and running.

Today(a week later), as promised, he was here earlier than expected and the job was done in 2 hrs. He then cleaned up.

We are totally pleased and satisfied with AirBoca. We would recommend Carlos to anyone. He is honest, prompt, and professional. His prices were fair, and it was exactly as quoted.

I am happy to welcome Carlos and AirBoca to our “team” of specialists who assist us in the care of our home.

Dennis P
Boca Raton
⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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