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Why Does My Boca Raton AC System Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Out of nowhere one day, you notice it.  That pervasive scent of sulfur or rotten eggs wafting through the house when your AC system kicks on.  You may smell it in certain rooms, or notice it’s stronger during certain times of the day.  It’s terrible, and embarrassing – and potentially dangerous – so tracking down the source is a high-priority project.  We’ll help you troubleshoot the issue with some handy tips in this article.

That Rotten Egg Smell is Likely One of Two Possibilities

Do You Have A Natural Gas Leak?

There are generally 2 main culprits for the rotten egg smell in your home.  If you have a natural gas system hooked into the house, either for HVAC or maybe your kitchen range – a natural gas leak would definitely have a rotten egg/sulfur odor.  If you smell rotten eggs and are not sure of the source – we highly recommend turning off the gas to your appliance(s) and calling your gas company.  They’ll come to do a check and let you know if it’s a leak.  If it’s not a leak, it’s more than likely something in your ducting that could be causing the odor.

Air Boca, Boca Raton, FL - Rotten Egg Smell in AC System

Is There An Animal In Your Ductwork?

In Florida, we have a wide variety of fauna that could make their way into your ductwork and get trapped, or die from other causes.  Rodents and small mammals like opossum, squirrels, mice & rats, or chipmunks can easily access through small or missing exterior vent grates and then die while inside your ductwork.  Decaying animals in your ductwork would cause the awful rotten egg smell to become much stronger as your A/C unit is turned on.  If you’re not sure of the source or need help locating the issue for removal, give the team at Air Boca a call, we can come to help with a repair to your A/C system and ductwork

Other A/C System Smells in my Boca Raton-Area House

Other odors that seem to spread through your AC system can happen. Sometimes methane gas is given off by a sewer pipe and can be mistaken for sulfur or rotten egg odor.  A cracked pipe, dry p-trap, leaking drain, or other plumbing problem could be to blame.  If you’ve had the gas company out and there’s no leak, and Air Boca has come to diagnose your AC unit without finding any issues – the next step would be to check your drains and pipes in your walls, crawlspace, or under your sinks – you may want to hire a plumber to help.  A cracked sewage pipe near your HVAC unit could cause the fan on your ductwork to blow that smell around the house.  Methane gas in larger quantities can be dangerous – so putting off the diagnostics could cause health issues for you or your family.

What Other Smells Can You Help Diagnose?

Sometimes standing water near your A/C unit can cause a mildew smell to invade your home when it kicks on.  If your system was dormant for most of the winter, you could have some sort of bacteria growing in your evaporator coil, drain or drip pan.  If the home was vacant without service for an extended period of time, your ductwork may have mold growing within it and need to be cleaned or sanitized.

If your unit is too large for your home, or old and wore out, it may not be operating efficiently and the dehumidification process is not working – this can cause a buildup of condensation and humidity that will encourage mold and mildew to grow.

If you’re trying to get to the bottom of that awful smell in your Boca Raton-area home, your first call should be to your natural gas company to rule out a leak.  Once they’ve checked everything over and determined there was no lead, and if the smell persists – give the expert team at Air Boca a call and we’ll schedule a time to come take care of it ASAP.

What our Clients Have to Say on Google:
We had our A/C unit installed by Air Boca in 2008. At the time, I did a little research and they had good reviews, so we went with them. We were very happy with the installation – the guys were professional and the price was fair. We recently had a clog in our drain pipe of the A/C (due to improper maintenance on our part) and there was a ton of standing water inside and next to the unit causing a mildew smell. I called Air Boca again and they came out the same day. I was afraid that I would hear a horror story, but Carlos (the owner) took a look and said it was no big deal. He had everything all cleaned up and put back together in no time. We own an older house (built in 1968) and we’ve had a lot of remodeling done over the years. There have been some good contractors and some that are downright criminal. It’s hard to know who to trust, unless you’re in the business, in which case you’d probably be doing the work yourself anyway. You don’t have to worry about trusting Air Boca – they are honest, decent people and they do great work.

Jennifer M

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