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How To: Save Money on AC Use

Save money on AC use in Boca Raton FL.

Most homeowners can attest to receiving a hefty utility bill at least once in their lifetime. What most people don’t realize is your HVAC system is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the home.

Keep yourself and your home cool without compromising your bank account with these minor air conditioning adjustments and tricks:

Set and Schedule Your Desired Temperatures

Here in South Florida, it’s common to keep our AC running due to the year-round heat and humidity. Oftentimes, folks will set their AC to a cooler temperature and then forget to adjust it before leaving the house.

It’s important to remember to turn up your air conditioning when the house is empty to cut back on energy consumption. If you own a central air conditioner with a thermostat, use a programmable thermostat to schedule the perfect temperature for day and night.

Aiming for 76-78 degrees during the day will balance out your savings while keeping your home comfortable. During South Florida’s cooler months, try turning off your AC entirely and open windows to save on monthly energy costs.

Air Filter Maintenance

Routine cleaning and changing of your air filters allow your central air or window unit to function to its best ability. If filters are left unchanged, it will cause your AC unit to work twice as hard, using more energy to cool down your home, reaping a higher utility bill.

HVAC air filters should be checked monthly and replaced every three months or less, especially if you have pets.


HVAC Repair and Maintenance Solutions from Air Boca

To prolong the life of your HVAC system, we recommended that you have a professional inspect your AC unit at least once a year. Not only does preventative maintenance keep your AC running to the best of its ability, but an expert can also detect any issues that may lead to higher utility bills.

For full-service HVAC repair, replacement and maintenance services, count on the Air Boca team to get the job done right. For 24/7 Emergency Repair Services and more, contact Air Boca today at 561-750-1625 to receive a free estimate on replacements.

Want to keep your HVAC running well year round but confused with Air Conditioning lingo?

We’ve got you covered with this dictionary of 7 HVAC terms everyone should know!

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