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Tips to Save Energy in the Winter and Minimize Your Utility Bill

Save money on utilities in the winter in Boca Raton.

With winter raging at us in full force, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a rise in our utility bills! Even living somewhere as warm and welcoming as South Florida, when those cold fronts hit, we can be left dreaming of the day when winter will be over! The culprit of your increased utility bills may be your home’s heating system (or maybe those long, hot showers Janice…). No matter the problem, Air Boca is here to help you learn how to cut down on your utility bills this winter!

Bundle Up!

This perhaps is one of the easiest ways to save energy in the winter. We all love parading through the house barefoot and in a tank top – after all, that’s why we live in South Florida in the first place, right? – but if you want to save on utilities and reduce our carbon footprint, instead of turning your heat up, try instead to add some layers. A cozy sweatshirt, fleece pajama pants, and thick socks are great choices for a lazy Sunday or weekday night. During the days, try to layer up with a cozy knit sweater, warm socks, and even a pair of tight under your pants to add some extra warmth.

Use the Sun to Your Advantage

That big, bright, firey orb in the sky isn’t just a light source. In fact, it can and should be used as a primary heat source in your home! In the winter, open up the curtains of all your windows and let the sun radiate in and give your home some natural, environmentally friendly, and free warmth. To make sure the heat stays trapped inside, always remember to close your curtains when the sun sets to help trap the heat inside.

Any Excuse to Redecorate

Winter time is a great time to give your home some light redecorating. Add seasonal area rugs to the floors to keep the cold tiles from sucking the heat out of your home, and stock your couch with warm throw blankets to burrow under when relaxing on the couch. Go online or browse the aisles at your local HomeGoods to get inspired. Not only will you be saving energy on your electric bill, but you’ll also refresh your home with a new decorative flair.

We’re Fans of Fans

The better the airflow is in your home, the easier it is to control the temperature. This may seem counter-productive at first, but ceiling fans don’t just cool your home in the summer – they can also be used to warm your home in the winter! If you set your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise, it’ll cool your home in the summer, but if your reverse the setting and make it spin clockwise, it actually helps trap heat inside and pushes the hot air back into the room. To keep your rooms warmer, turn your fan to a lighter setting so the hot air will be gently pushed down, heating the room and keeping you nice and toasty.

Let’s Get Insulated

If you’re planning on living in your home for years to come, it is highly recommended to invest in proper insulation. Insulation helps you keep your home whatever temperature you want it to be. It keeps the cool air inside when it’s hot out, and vice versa. You can get inexpensive insulation from any home improvement store like Home Depot or Ace Hardware and cover up any area from where heat might be escaping. Often times, old windows or doors have cracks and openings in the seals around them. If you can patch up the spaces with caulking or even replace it, it could help keep your home at that perfect temperature that you dream of.

Make Sure You Can Turn up the Heat!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your heater isn’t working to its full potential. In fact, it could be getting the job done and heating your home, but it might not be working efficiently to do so. It doesn’t hurt to have regular check-ups from a company that knows what they’re doing, just to make sure things are how they should be.

Call the Pros at Air Boca

Whether your heater isn’t working properly and is subsequently burning through electricity or if it’s simply an old, energy deficient heater that needs replacing, stop wasting energy and start warming your home properly! Give us a call at (561) 750-1625 or contact us online to start saving money and feeling warmer this winter!

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