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Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Winter In Florida

prepare your air conditioning unit for winter in Florida.
In other parts of the world, winter means below-freezing temperatures, chilling snowstorms, and icicles forming on trees. Those of us who live in Florida are lucky during the cold months of the year. Historically, our average winter temperatures hover around 61 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect weather for outdoor activities to enjoy the weather.

Start the Preparations

Even though you won’t need need to break out heavy scarves or parkas during our winter, there’s still preparation that needs to take place: getting your air conditioning unit ready for the months ahead.

You’re likely accustomed to warm forecasts and ultra-bright days, so transitioning to winter will be a bit of a shock. You aren’t the only one––your air conditioner will have to adjust as well. What should you do to get ready for holiday months? Read on to find out.

Gradually adjust your thermostat

Unless you enjoy feeling warm, you likely don’t turn your thermostat up during spring and summer months. If you can avoid creating drastic changes in the temperature of your unit, you should. Try to gradually increase the thermostat temperature as things slowly cool down, and be prepared to turn on the heat when it’s necessary.

Change your air filter

Did you know you should change your air filters every 90 days? Many people aren’t good at adhering to this schedule, but it’s even more important during winter months. If you have a dirty air filter, your unit will use more energy than necessary to heat or cool your property.

Call a professional

If you find any issues with your unit, it’s best to call in professionals. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to ask for professional help, and many AC companies also offer routine air conditioner maintenance after a unit is installed.

If you’re in the Boca Raton area, give Air Boca a call at 561-750-1625 for a free estimate. Our team is available all hours of the day.


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