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5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

keep your house cool this summer with air conditioning in Florida.

In the heat of the summer, it’s tempting to blast the air conditioning to keep yourself and your house cool. However, there are other ways to keep the heat from your home without increasing your electric bill. Here are five great ways to keep your house cool this summer.

1. Use Your Fans

Using your fans during the summertime will allow you to raise the thermostat setting by about 4 degrees.
Just make sure they are not on the winter setting, meaning you should ensure that the fans are rotating counter-clockwise. Although fans don’t lower a room’s temperature, they make you feel cooler because the moving air evaporates moisture from your skin and pulls the heat away from your body.

2. Close Your Blinds

A good amount of unwanted heat creeps in through your windows. Blocking out as much heat from the sun as possible will help to keep temperatures down. Closing your blinds, especially the ones on the west- and south-facing windows will prevent your house from overheating this summer.

3. Fire Up the Grill

Using your stove or oven during the summer will make your house hotter. Instead of using the oven, fire up the grill to avoid generating more heat in the house. If you must use your oven, be sure to turn on the fan. Even if it doesn’t cool things very much, it will improve airflow. In addition, try to use the oven and other heat-producing appliances, such as the dishwasher, in the evening when it’s not as hot.

4. Change Your Air Filters Frequently

Changing your air filters monthly will allow your air conditioning system to work much more efficiently against the heat. It is especially important to change your air filters during the summertime. A dirty filter reduces air quality and the efficiency of airflow resulting in your unit having to use more energy to cool down your home, which also means a higher electric bill for you.

5. Choose Cotton

Clothing and bed linens that are made of cotton promote airflow and ventilation because of its breathability and lightweight material. If you don’t use cotton bed linens, consider getting some because it can make a significant difference in staying cool during the night.

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