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How to Maintain Your AC for the Winter

How to care for your AC during the winter in Florida.

Living in Florida, you may find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat to reach a comfortable temperature. Hot days quickly turn cool with the slightest bit of rain or when cold fronts arise throughout the winter season. As winter begins to approach, you may not need to utilize your air conditioner as much as you would during the hot summers. As exciting as this may be, it is important that you still maintain your cooling system so that you can avoid a repair bill in the future. Air Boca has the best tips on how to keep your AC unit running smoothly during the winter.

Change the Air Filters

Although you should be changing your filters regularly, it is especially important to change your filters for the upcoming winter season. More times than not, people forget to change their air filters in the winter time due to the fact that the AC unit is not being used as often as it is in the warmer months. If you do not maintain your air filter, your AC system will work harder and use more energy than necessary to heat or cool your property. The air quality throughout your home will not be its best without regular maintenance, and you’ll also be wasting money on electric costs as your AC unit works overtime!

Adjust Your Thermostat

With fluctuating cold fronts in Florida, consider manually adjusting your thermostat based on the weather conditions during a given time period. Most standard thermostats have a setting in which you can program your desired temperatures throughout the changing seasons. This may be easier for those of you who may forget to change the temperature, and it is a lot more energy efficient. If using a programmable thermostat during the winter, be sure to reduce your home cooling when it is not needed.

Avoid Changing Temperatures

When the temperature begins to fall, you may be tempted to raise your air conditioner to the max. As this may seem like the best solution to warm your household, it just makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to, raising your electric bill. The best way to tackle the sporadic weather changes is by gradually changing the temperature throughout your home. Whether this is opening windows, using ceiling fans, or raising/lowering your thermostat every few hours, be sure to avoid drastic temperature changes within your home to prevent a huge electric bill.

Air Boca is Here to Help!

The professionals at Air Boca want to make sure you take the best care possible of your AC this winter. Maintaining your heating and cooling units is essential for keeping your home free of damage and high electric bills. Let Air Boca take care of your AC today! Contact us here, or call us at 561-750-1625.

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