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Different Types of Filters for your HVAC System

Air filters for your HVAC system in Boca Raton FL.

Still not sure which filter you need? Contact us today! We’re more than happy to help figure out what your Air Conditioner needs to stay functioning properly.

    It can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right air filter for your HVAC system. All HVAC filters work towards eliminating particles, but some filters require more maintenance and money to work efficiently. Due to Florida’s vast environment of plants and animals, it’s important to keep your air clean by picking the right filter for your home.

    HEPA Filters

    HEPA, or high-efficiency particle air, filters function to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. This filter eliminates most of the particles that are entering your home. HEPA filters are commonly used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and are recommended for people with immune or allergy disorders.
    However, this filter does not eliminate all allergens from your home. If you suffer from allergy issues, it is always important to make sure your home is clean. It is necessary to vacuum regularly and wash any areas where dirt and dust can build up, such as bed sheets and window curtains. This filter can be difficult to install so it is recommended to call a technician. There are several similar air purifying options for your HVAC systems such as adding an air purifier or a regular filter with a high minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV).

    Washable Filters

    An option for those who enjoy saving money is washable filters. Washable filters hold the benefit of being used multiple times. The way to clean them is to simply take a hose and spray off all the dirt that is visible from your filter. Once cleaned, your washable filter will be ready to use again.
    Though this filter can save you money, it’s important to know that since you are using water to clean it, there is a risk of mold and mildew, and eventually, needs to be replaced with a new filter.

    Conventional Disposable Filters

    Disposable air filters have the benefit of guaranteed clean air every time you change your filter. These filters also tend to be cheaper than both reusable, washable filters and HEPA filters, since they are produced with less expensive materials. Conventional disposable filters consist of fiberglass, polyester, or pleated fibers, depending on the filter you choose. They are also held together by a wire or plastic frame.
    Even though these filters may be cheaper, you must keep in mind that you must replace your old filter every month. It is important to remember to change it monthly as dirt will quickly build up and reduce the quality of air in your home if not replaced immediately.

    Custom Filters from Air Boca

    Air Boca is known for our quality HVAC installations, maintenance, and custom air filters. Depending on the system you have, we can customize a filter that fits your specifications and desires. Whether you want a disposable, washable, HEPA, or custom filter, we are here to help your HVAC system produce clean air for you and your family’s health.

    Air Boca is the Answer

    Want to find the right HVAC filter for your system? Here at Air Boca, we can help you find the perfect filter for your home. We’re a family-operated business here in South Florida and are ready to address any of your air conditioning needs. Contact Air Boca today at 561-750-1625 to learn more about our different HVAC and custom filters!

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