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Air Conditioning Split Systems

If you’re interested in an air conditioning split system, you’ve come to the right place! Air Boca sells, installs, and repairs split systems. We only use products from brands like:



American Standard
FHP Manufacturing

First Co.

You can be assured that your system is high quality.

What is a Split System?

The average air conditioning split system and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. If you’re not familiar with air conditioning split systems, you may be wondering why you should consider getting one. An air conditioning split system, also called a ductless HVAC system, consists of a small outdoor unit and non-invasive indoor devices that are often mounted on the walls of each room in your home. A split system is more efficient and often smaller than a traditional air conditioning system. Split systems are often recommended instead of window units because they can save you money on your electric bills and are often a great addition if you’re expanding your home or want to only cool certain parts of your home.

Air Boca AC unit repair.

Any Downsides?

Are there downsides to air conditioning split systems? The indoor units are more conspicuous than air conditioning vents, but they come in neutral colors and often blend in with a room. Something else that may seem like a downside is that a split system requires maintenance, but you can hire an air conditioning professional for maintenance.

The Pros

The pros to air conditioning split systems are numerous. Ductless systems often filter air more thoroughly than traditional systems, so you don’t have to worry about dust. Installation is also much quicker than it would be with a ducted system. Clearly, there are benefits to air conditioning split systems, so why not consider one for your home? Whether you need your split system repaired or want to discuss the benefits of installing one, give Air Boca a call at 561-750-1625.

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