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Air Conditioning Generators Now Required for Florida Nursing Homes

air conditioning generators in nursing homes.

Air Conditioning Generators Now Required for Florida Nursing Homes

On Monday, March 26, 2018, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that required all nursing homes to have backup power generators in case of an emergency. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, 12 patients at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills died in oppressive heat due to no backup power for their A/Cs. Facilities have until July 1 to comply.

The Tragedy of Hollywood Hills Nursing Home

The storm knocked out the nursing home’s air conditioners in September, causing the temperatures in the second floor to soar to over 98 degrees. Under federal regulations, it shouldn’t be higher than 81 degrees. Hollywood Hills had a generator, and when that went out, the staff had tried using portable coolers. But those chillers could only emit 15 tons of the 125 tons of cooling capacity needed to keep residents safe according to William Scott Crawford, an engineer hired to investigate the incident. The residents of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills struggled in sweltering heat where twelve eventually died in what the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office then ruled as a homicide. At least 10 of those 12 lived on the second floor of the facility.

What does the bill state?

Governor Rick Scott signed bills on Monday, March 26, 2018, implementing emergency rules and procedures in the wake of the incident in Hollywood Hills nursing homes. The new rules mandate that nursing homes and assisted living facilities must have an alternative power supply capable of maintaining the temperatures at 81 degrees or less for a minimum of 4 days. Portable power supplies could also be used, however, they must provide at least 30 square feet of cooling space for each resident. Assisted living facilities with fewer than 17 beds are required to have two days worth of fuel. Though the new rules mean residents are safer, consumers still need to observe how the requirements are implemented and enforced. Extreme precaution should be enforced as much as possible in the wake of a storm, especially when caring for the elderly.

Why is this a good thing?

These emergency rules should help prevent further instances of loss of life due to hot temperatures. After the incident, the license of the Hollywood Hills nursing home was revoked by the state, which charged them for not doing enough to keep residents cool and safe. While it’s not clear to pinpoint who is at fault, one aspect can surely hold blame: the lack of preparation. To prevent incidents like this, nursing homes and assisted living facilities must ensure that they have a backup power supply or at least enough equipment to better cool their facilities when the power is out after a storm.

What we can do to help

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