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If you have an air conditioning unit, you likely already know what a thermostat is and what function it provides. A thermostat sets the temperature of your home, and even the most basic units typically come with an automatic option to adjust heating and cooling intermittently. But a smart thermostat takes things to another level. A smart thermostat is home automation technology that makes it easy to save money on your electric bills while also saving energy.

The Benefits

You still may opt for a regular thermostat, but there are many benefits to smart thermostats. These are some of the top benefits of smart thermostats.

  • A smart thermostat learns your habits. Smart thermostats adjust the temperature of your home depending on when you’re home.When compared to a traditional thermostat, it’s much less effort in the long run. You can even program your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature at a certain time so your home will feel comfortable when you get home from work or a long vacation.
  • A smart thermostat saves you money. Because a smart thermostat is designed to prioritize energy-saving, you’ll almost certainly see a drop in your electric bills after you install one. This is one benefit that draws people to smart thermostats –– it’s a small investment that quickly pays off.
  • A smart thermostat provides helpful data. Most smart thermostats come with smartphone apps, which track your energy usage and give you recommendations about ways to save even more money on your air conditioning bills.
Air Boca AC unit repair.

Air Boca Has Got You Covered!

Air Boca sells, installs, and repairs both regular and smart thermostats, and we install smart thermostats like the Nest Thermostat. Smart thermostats work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other voice assistant devices, so they’ll effortlessly integrate with existing technology in your home. Home automation makes your life simpler, and we’d be happy to work with you to bring this technology to your home.

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