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Package AC Units

If you’re in a home that has limited space, you know that every square foot counts. You’re already careful to avoid any unnecessary clutter, so a clunky air conditioning system would take up more room than you can spare. So what is a package AC unit, and how can it help?

Package AC units are designed specifically for people who need an efficient, smartly designed system. A package air conditioning unit has a 10-year manufacturer warranty, plus a 1 year service warranty from Air Boca. A package AC unit serves two purposes –– it’ll cool and heat your home from the same unit, and it’s much smaller than a traditional HVAC system. It can be installed on your roof if your yard space is significantly limited. Otherwise, it’ll just be placed outside your home.

Who Should Get One?

You may be wondering why everyone doesn’t opt for a package AC unit, regardless of their space limitations. A smaller unit is better, right? The answer: not necessarily. A package AC unit is a fantastic option for people who need to save space, but it may not be your first choice otherwise. Package units aren’t always as efficient as other types of systems, and you’ll need to find a company that has extensive experience with package AC unit install. You don’t want someone without experience installing a unit on your roof.

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The Air Boca Experts Are On it!

At Air Boca, we install and repair package AC units frequently, and we’re the top air conditioning company in South Florida for a reason. We’re experts when it comes to the top air conditioning brands, which helps us recommend the products that make the most sense for you. If you decide a package AC unit is the way to go, you won’t have to worry about anything indoors other than ductwork. For many of our customers who already feel like they need more square feet in their home, that’s an irresistible benefit. But it’s impossible to tell you whether a package unit will work for you without a proper consultation, which is why we offer around-the-clock service to all of our current and prospective customers.

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