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Heat Pumps

Based on the name alone, a heat pump sounds like the last thing you’d want in the South Florida weather. But a heat pump doesn’t simply heat your home –– it’s an option for anyone who’s looking for an alternative to a traditional air conditioning unit. The biggest difference between an air conditioner unit and a heat pump is that a heat pump reverses airflow during cold months, using the heat from the weather outside to heat your home. It also pulls the heat from your home during summer months and recirculates it to help cool your property.

What Are the Benefits?

Heat pumps are less expensive than oil, electric and gas furnaces. If you don’t turn the heat on in your home very often, you likely won’t see the benefits of a heat pump. For those of us who do crank on the heat during chilly winters, a heat pump should be considered. Heat pumps are actually a smart investment for Floridians because we live in a tropical climate. A heat pump becomes less effective once temperatures are below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), so it’s not recommended for super-cold areas of the country.

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Should You Get a Heat Pump?

It depends on your budget, heating needs and what you hope to accomplish through your unit, but it’s a great option for many homeowners, especially those who value renewable energy. A heat pump works year-round to keep your home comfortable, and many of our clients find heat pumps the ideal choice for their homes. Our team at Air Boca sells, installs, and repairs heat pumps, so if you’re looking for a new way to heat or cool your Boca Raton home, reach out to us today.

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