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Air Purifiers

An air conditioner filter removes dust and debris from the air before it circulates within your home, but a filter alone isn’t always the most satisfactory option. If you have asthma, dust allergies, or live with someone who smokes, an air purifier may be a smart choice. Air Boca sells, installs and repairs air purifiers from top brands like Lennox. The Lennox PureAir Air Purification System is just one of the many air purification systems we recommend to our customers.

Air Purifier Maintenance

Even if you don’t have any illnesses or breathing issues, an air purifier may still come in handy. They can help get rid of unpleasant smells around your home and greatly improve the air quality inside your home. If you buy an air purifier, you must also commit to air purifier maintenance. Whether you buy a standalone device that can be easily cleaned without professional help or a device that is placed inside your air conditioning system and will need professional maintenance, it’s important to clean your air purifier every two to three months. If you don’t think you’ll clean an air purifier unit regularly, you should schedule professional cleanings to make sure your purifier will always function as well as it’s supposed to.

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Air Boca is Ready to Find You the Right Air Purifier

If you feel satisfied with your home’s indoor air quality, you may wonder whether there’s any reason to purchase an air purifier. Reducing indoor air pollution is never a bad thing, and you’d likely notice a difference even if you don’t feel it’s necessary. If you’re searching for an air purifier and you’re in the Boca Raton area, Air Boca is happy to help you find what you need. With so many air purification options on the market, you may have a hard time deciding which one makes the most sense for you. That’s why it makes sense to leave the research to our team of experts. With over three decades of experience, Air Boca is the top air conditioning company in South Florida for a good reason. Give us a call today.

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