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AC Condensers

What is an air conditioning condenser? An air conditioning condenser is a key part of your air conditioning system. Air conditioning condensers are outdoor units, so you’ll find them outside your home. Here’s how an air conditioning condenser works. The condenser takes refrigerant gas, cools it down, and converts it to liquid refrigerant, which is then used to cool your home. If your AC condenser is malfunctioning, you’ll be able to feel it, although you may not be sure of the cause. Because refrigeration isn’t flowing like it’s supposed to, your home won’t cool down like it usually does.

Brands We Love!

There are hundreds of air conditioning brands and manufacturers in the industry, but Air Boca only carries the top brands on the market, like

  • Westinghouse
  • York
  • Lennox
  • Trane
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • American Standard
  • FHP Manufacturing
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Goodman
  • First Co.

An AC condenser is installed during HVAC installation, but if your condenser stops functioning, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as you can. Any home would feel uncomfortable if a condenser wasn’t working correctly, but you’ll feel it immediately in South Florida –– when our homes aren’t cooling efficiently, it can feel unbearable.

Air Boca AC unit repair.

We Can Fix It

That’s why it’s important to find an air conditioning company that you can trust –– you need a quick but reliable repair, and that’s where we can come in. We have over three decades of experience, and our expert team is full of knowledge. Whether it’s your condenser or something else that’s the problem, Air Boca will be able to pinpoint the cause of your cooling issues and come up with a solution.

If you’re in the Boca Raton area and need a new air conditioning condenser, Air Boca is the top air conditioning company in the area, and we’d be happy to help you. Our team has licensed and insured technicians who are experienced with both installing and repairing air conditioning condensers. Whether you need a new AC condenser or are simply interested in installing one as part of an HVAC system, we can assist you.

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    Air conditioning condensers play an important role in your home and we are here to help with any problems. Check out our website or give us a call today.

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