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Is Your AC Unit Ready for the Summer Heat?

is your ac unit ready for summer?

Is Your AC Unit Ready for the Summer?

Summer 2017 is finally here and in full force bringing the sunshine, along with the sweltering heat and humidity.

With Florida’s most extreme season upon us, most residents will face a reminder of the state’s cardinal rule: Air Conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. Is your AC unit ready to beat the heat?

Keep Your Filters Clean

Your filter prevents dust and debris from infiltrating your system. If you don’t maintain your filters, they’ll eventually let some dust through, into your breathable air.

A dirty filter means that your air conditioner has to work that much harder to generate the cool temperatures that you’ve come to expect. Clean, or replace, your filters on a monthly basis to keep the system running efficiently.

Take Care of Your Outdoor Unit

Hurricane season can wreak havoc on your outdoor unit. Make sure to clear any debris that could become a projectile and damage or clog the system. After shutting the thermostat off, use a cloth to clean the coil and fins, but take extra care to avoid damaging them.

Check the Ducts for Water Damage

As a homeowner, you should overlook your duct system. It will need some attention every season to run smoothly. You should have the interior ductwork inspected by a professional, but there are some parts you can do yourself. Remove, check, and clean your duct registers every few months to avoid turning your ductwork into a mold breeding ground.

Remember to Use Vacation Settings

Most of the country flocks to South Florida for summer vacation. Many Floridians, on the other hand, use the opportunity to escape on their own getaways. Regardless of where you find yourself for the summer, it is best to keep your air conditioning running. Florida’s humidity can be a big problem for a sealed up home, creating the perfect environment for mold to spread rapidly. Before you head out, remember to set your AC. The ideal setting is 78 degrees. If you have one, set your humidistat to 60 degrees.

Call a Professional AC Technician for a Tune-Up

Regular maintenance can help prevent problems further down the road. If you’ve done all of the above and still aren’t sure, you can make sure your unit is ready to perform in the coming heat with a professional inspection and tune-up. A seasoned technician can spot potential problems — before they become a problem.

Looking for an AC Company in Boca Raton?

So, the question remains: is your AC unit summer-ready?
Air Boca has proudly served the Boca Raton area for more than 27 years. We’ve seen enough Florida summers to know that you shouldn’t go without a functional AC. Our team is here to make sure that when you hire us, we become the AC company you turn to again and again.

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