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5 Ways to Protect Your AC System During a Hurricane

How to protect your air conditioner in a hurricane in Boca Raton.

Preparing for a hurricane is never easy, and even when you feel adequately equipped for the worst, unfortunate events always seem to pop up. Ensuring that you do the most for you and your home to prepare for a hurricane is an essential task. Protecting your AC system ahead of time will minimize damage even when the unexpected occurs during a storm. The experts at Air Boca have provided you with five ways to protect your AC system this 2018 hurricane season!

1. Shut your AC System Off

During a storm, the power is more than likely going to go on and off a couple of times or shut off permanently. These power surges damage your AC system and can even cause threatening situations such as electrical fires. Putting pressure on your unit to restart after shutting down suddenly can severely damage your system. Shutting the HVAC system before the storm hits at the circuit breaker will guarantee that the system is completely off.

2. Unplug and Remove your Window Unit

It is imperative to remove your window AC unit from your wall and secure your window shut. These units can be forcefully ripped straight from your home with strong winds and other storm force weather. Keeping the AC unit attached will not only cause damage to your AC system but also damage to your home.

3. Prepare your Backup Generator

It is not uncommon for your power to shut off during a storm and stay off for days or even weeks in the aftermath. A backup generator will ensure that your home will stay cool and allow you to use other appliances when there is no power, allowing time for your AC unit to recuperate after a storm.

4. Cover and Secure Outside AC Units

A tarp or a specially created AC cover can be placed on your outside units to protect them from flying debris and excessive water damage. It is also a good idea to strap down and ensure that the unit is securely intact at the base to withstand hurricane force winds and rain.

5. Collect Loose Debris

Before a storm hits, gather a team of family and neighbors and walk around your home to properly secure any items that have the risk of flying. Eliminate anything that can potentially damage your AC unit such as large palm fronds and loose tree branches. Children’s toys and outdoor furniture can also be easily be thrown into the air and flung into your AC unit so ensure that those are kept in a safe place.

Protect your AC System This Hurricane Season – Call Air Boca

As the 2018 Hurricane Season develops, our HVAC technicians are more equipped than ever. Regardless of if you need help maintaining your AC system before a hurricane or need your AC repaired afterward, we are the team for you. We can tackle even the toughest HVAC problems and are available 24/7 for any of your emergency AC needs. Give us a call at 561-750-1625 or contact us here!

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